Sally Hopes You’ll Donate to our Giving Tree!

Sally shares her rescue story here, in hopes that you will donate to our tree so we can help many more Bostons just like her!

Hi there,

My name is Sally. I have many nicknames, including Sal, Salamander, and Sweetie Pie.

I can hardly believe how many names I have, seeing as less than a year ago, I didn’t even have one.

I ended up in a shelter after being dumped because I was a puppy mill mama who couldn’t breed anymore.

My foster mom raced from her home a few hours away to pick me up. As soon as she saw me, she whisked me into her arms, snuggled me tight, and cursed those who had treated me this way.

For the first time in my life I felt safe.


No one is sure how long I lived this way. I was originally thought to be around 14 years old because I just looked old. My face is very frosty and my eyes were bad – infected and full of green goop. I was so underweight – just skin and bones.

As a breeding mama, I wasn’t spayed. It was also discovered I had pyometra which is a uterine infection. I could have died if it wasn’t treated.

But Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) was there for me.
You were there for me.

I was spayed and they removed all of the uterine infection. They also removed the tumours they found.

Then we waited until we got the news we were hoping for – they weren’t malignant.

I was treated like a princess as I recovered from my surgery.

They discovered I’m pretty much blind and soon decided I was probably a bit younger… it is amazing what a difference it makes to have nutritious meals and a lot of love – I have lots of energy when I’m not sleeping.


And then I got the news I was really waiting for – my foster mom found me the perfect home with a Boston brother (Gator, also a BTRC alum), a human brother and my very own mama and papa.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed my mama is helping me write this note to you.

She is watching me closely as I rest by the fire. She can see my belly might be getting just a little bit pudgy (I love my cookies and carrots), my eye infection is under control and special medication helps my dry eyes. She had all but forgotten everything I went through before I found my way to my new family.


Writing it all down is bringing tears to her eyes again.

It breaks her heart to know what I went through before I found my way home.

She feels that way about me and all the other BTs that come into the care of BTRC.

It makes me sad too, but I like to focus on the good things in life and that includes people like you.

Your kindness and compassion means that we can rescue more BTs and help those already in the care of BTRC.

You may not know this, but BTRC spends approximately $750 on vetting each dog that comes into their care. That’s on average – some cost A LOT more!

In the past nine months, BTRC has spent over $42,000 on vet bills.

Incredible volunteers work hard all year long raising money for BTRC, but they also need your help. BTRC can only help all the dogs that they do because of donations from people like you.

Without you, I would never have found my mama, my papa, and my brothers (human and fur).

And, as a BT who loves nothing more than to snuggle, this thought makes me very sad.

So, I ask you to imagine me stuck in a cage having babies with no food to keep me strong, no blankets to keep me warm, and no vet care to keep me or my babies healthy.

Now I want you to imagine me the happiest I’ve ever been.

Because I am and you’re the reason it was all possible.


My belly is full. I’m warm and can lounge all over the house. I go to the vet when I need to and I have the medication I need for my eyes.

I am loved to the moon and back.

This has all happened for me because you cared.

So, thank you for caring about me and all of the others who were rescued in 2015. Sixty of us found our forever homes after caring volunteers made sure we were ready.

There are many other BTs who are currently in rescue and BTRC wants to be able to step in whenever they’re asked. Just like they’ve been doing since this entirely volunteer-run organization started in the 90s.

But they can only do that with your help.

Please give what you can. Every dollar really does help.

Did you know?

  • $10 will buy a new toy for a puppy mill dog just learning how to play
  • $25 will buy nourishing meals for a dog not used to knowing where their next meal is coming from
  • $45 will vaccinate a dog who probably has never seen a vet before
  • $75 will cover the cost of much needed medication for a dog that is sick when s/he enters the rescue
  • $100 will support our Set for Life BTs – those little ones that have so many health issues they live in forever foster homes and BTRC pledges to cover their extensive medical costs for as long as they live
  • $250 will spay or neuter a rescued Boston to ensure fewer BT babies are left out in the cold

Will you join me and my family in making a gift to BTRC before the end of the year? I want them to reach their goal of raising $10,000 this holiday season. It is possible with your help.

Make your donation today so BTRC can help another dog tomorrow

Thank you for your kindness and compassion.


PS – Over the next couple of days, we’ll be sharing some stories of BTs helped because of you!