Surrender is the Safest Option

When faced with the unfortunate decision of relinquishing a dog due to such issues as allergies, lifestyle changes and an owner’s passing, too many opt for the most expedient option: offering that dog for free through social media or well known online sales sites.

While the issue may be quickly resolved for the person involved, the issues, ranging from dangerous to disastrous, may just be starting for the dog involved. Just as there are predators on the streets, there are predators online, seeking out seemingly unwanted dogs for their own illicit purposes. Using them as breed or bait dogs or selling them to backyard breeders and hoarders. Selling them to people who may, out of boredom, impatience or inexperience, dump them at a shelter, usually to be euthanized within days if not adopted.

The only SAFE choice for those facing this difficult decision is SURRENDER, whether to an established and recognized all breed rescue or to a breed specific rescue like BTRC. Due to our exclusive commitment to Boston terriers and Boston terrier mixes, we’re well versed in all things “American Gentleman” from their personalities and peccadilloes to their inherited conditions (brachycephaly) and well-worn clichés (big dogs in small packages).

Thanks to our large base of dedicated volunteers, the dogs we rescue are thoroughly vetted, updated on all vaccinations, spay/neutered and microchipped, and placed in experienced foster homes for ongoing socialization and care. We conduct intensive screenings of all serious potential adopters, including closely supervised home checks to ensure as perfect a match as possible between our temporarily fostered dogs and their permanent adoptive homes.

Thanks, as well, to a waiting list of hopeful adopters, the dogs surrendered to us for safekeeping seldom have long to wait before finding their loving, fur-ever homes.

Although the term “surrender” may carry with it a negative connotation in everyday parlance, in terms of rescue, it is paws-itive.