Taxi’s First Week

I have to say that Taxi has been a FANTASTIC addition to our family, and we are so grateful we were selected as his new parents.

He has transitioned into his new schedule with no troubles at all, and Shawn absolutely loves playing fetch with him on their walks!

Additionally, Taxi has gone from tolerating to really loving his “little” brother, Roman…who is actually bigger than him! Roman was so excited the first few days after Taxi came home he literally followed him around all day/night…wherever Taxi was, there was Roman also. Taxi wasn’t too interested in playing with his brother at first, but is now actually initiating play with Roman and although he’s smaller, he can definitely hold his own 🙂 Also, we’ve now noticed that the first thing they do in the morning when let out of their beds, is to run to each other with their little tails wagging to say hello.


They have really been amazing for one another.

The daycare we take both dogs to has commented that Taxi seems to understand that he’s found his forever home and appears more at peace. We have also noticed that his blanket suckling has reduced some, and we hope that’s due to him finding comfort with us and Roman. To be honest, I have found this change in him a little surprising, as he was placed with such a FABULOUS foster mom before us. It goes to show you that dogs really do sense things. Taxi knew that as great as his foster home was, it wasn’t his forever home!

As you can see by these pictures, everyone looks happy!


Thanks again for everything, and I hope this email serves as a happy confirmation that Taxi is with a family who absolutely adores him!