Winston’s Story
Hi; I’m Winston.

I’m so glad I have a chance to say hello to you on Giving Tuesday – the launch of the charitable giving season in Canada and other places.

In early September, my family decided that I wasn’t thriving in a home with four rambunctious youngsters. It broke their heart to think of giving me up, so I stayed with my grandpa for a while, but he was elderly and had some medical challenges.

So, they made the heartbreaking decision to surrender me to Boston Terrier Rescue Canada. My first family knew BTRC would be my best chance at finding a home that is a great fit for my future.

I can’t thank you—BTRC’s donors and volunteers—for everything you have done for me in a few short months since I came into care. As you may know, BTRC makes sure I’m in tip-top shape before I can be adopted by a forever home.

So, that means vet visits for check-up, basic tests, and shots.

Life was looking good. And I even got to play fetch with my foster mom. I LOVE fetch!

I love it so much that I might have gone a bit overboard with excitement. I ended up tearing my cruciate ligament (CCL). A definite set-back, but you and BTRC stood by me… when I saw the vet for my torn CCL, she also thought I might have Cushings disease. Next, she was worried that I may have cancer.

That meant more tests to find out how I’m doing. Thankfully both tests came back negative which meant it was time for my surgery to repair my CCL.

Recovery from the surgery is an intensive 12-week process. I’m doing well under the watchful eyes of my loving foster mom, my orthopedic surgeon, and my vet.

All of this care, medical treatment, and surgery is possible because of your kindness and compassion.

Did you know that, on average, BTRC spends $750 vetting each dog that comes into their care? These costs are paid for by donations from people like you. Some dogs cost a little less and some dogs cost a lot more.

To date, BTRC has spent $5,574.95 on me.

I’m so glad there are incredible people like you who care a whole lot about dogs like me! Because of you, BTRC has cared for 80 Boston Terriers and Boston mixes so far in 2017. In the past 10 months alone, they have spent $65,208.22 on vet bills and other costs for the dogs.

I know that’s a lot of money. I hope you’ll agree that is it money well spent.

With your donations, you are giving a second chance to lots of special dogs. Your gifts mean we have a chance to find our forever homes. Although my first family loved me, many of BTRC’s dogs only dreamed of a loving human to snuggle us tight, sneak us a treat, or let us stretch out on a soft bed with a blanket to keep us warm.

It is only possible because of you and your compassion that we find ourselves in this loving embrace. BTRC doesn’t want to turn any dog away because they can’t afford the vet costs. They won’t have to if you make your gift today.

Will you join me and my foster mom help BTRC reach their goal of raising $10,000 this holiday season? Every donation makes a difference and you can make yours today when you chose something special for our Giving Tree.

You can hang a candy cane on the holiday tree for $15, place a medium red box under the tree for $50, or even a nutcracker with a donation of $250. The choice is yours and all gifts receive a charitable tax receipt.

And all money goes to help dogs like me.

I promise you that your generosity is guaranteed to make a difference to those waiting to find their forever homes. It sure is making a difference to me while I enjoy my foster home as I get ready for my forever home which is sure to be filled with love and kindness and all things wonderful.

All my love,