Featured Volunteer: Kaye Stephens

Kaye Stephens – Calgary, Alberta

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BTRC: How long have you volunteered with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada?
Kaye: I have been involved with BTRC as a volunteer for about three years now.

BTRC: What made you want to become a BTRC volunteer?
Kaye: II love the breed! Being retired, I have time to do what I can to help BTs who need a home.

BTRC: Why Boston Terriers?
Kaye: I fell in love with BTs when my husband and I adopted a bonded pair from the Calgary Humane Society years ago.

BTRC: How many pets do you own?
Kaye:  Sweet Vegas (BTRC alumnus) is my only boy due to the fact that the little guy has not been able to overcome his reactivity to other dogs. Otherwise, I’d probably have a houseful!

BTRC: When you’re not volunteering, how do you like to spend your time?
Kaye:  Gardening, reading and crafting.

BTRC: Favourite vacation spot?
Kaye: England… my second home.

BTRC: What did you want to be when you “grew up”?
Kaye: I wanted to be a nurse and made that happen as my first career. Later went back to university and became a high school English teacher.

BTRC: Socks and sandals?
Kaye: Definitely sandals!

BTRC: Summer or winter?
Kaye: Definitely summer.

BTRC: What is the craziest thing your Boston has done?
Kaye: He won’t make friends with any other dogs but he has fallen in love with the cat next door.

BTRC: Is your Boston Terrier knick-knack collection: mild, moderate, or requiring an intervention?
Kaye: Moderate, I’d say – others might disagree……lol.