Harriette Needs Your Help!

Scared and hungry with rotting teeth. Lumps and bumps needing surgical removal. Intervertebral disc disease. Special diets. Testing for Cushings.

These are a few of the things BTRC has paid for in the past few months for Boston Terriers in our care. BTRC can only help them because of the generosity of people like you, our donors.

And now we come to you—as a past supporter—with an urgent plea…

Since our fiscal year started April 1, over 30 dogs have been in our care.  This is a lot higher than usual.

In some cases, these sweet souls have been dumped. In other cases, their circumstances have changed and their owners can no longer care for them.

These dogs are bright lights just waiting for their forever home. But first, BTRC makes sure they are in tip top shape…

The past month our pups have been dipping into BTRC’s purse to cover the cost of their much needed vetting. Because some of the dogs have been very sick, our coffers have been greatly depleted.

Dogs like little Binnoo—along with her standard vetting, she had a very large hernia removed during her spay. This cost $1,500.

Padza incurred costs of $3,000 for his vetting including visits to ophthalmologist and special heart medication.

In fact, we have spent almost FORTY THOUSAND dollars in vet bills in only FOUR months.

That’s every bit of extra money BTRC had in our purse and there is hardly anything left in our bank account.

It breaks our heart because this means we will soon have to turn away Boston Terriers who need our help.

This means the dogs already in our care may not get the care they deserve. Dogs like little Binnoo who needs to have her eye removed due to complications with a detached retina. This will cost approximately $1,300.

And little Harriette who also needs her eye removed and a heart ultrasound. But first, there is a laundry list of other vetting she needs including urinalysis, blood pressure measurement, ACTH stimulation test to screen for Cushings, and skin biopsy. All of this will cost at least  $1,000.

So, we come to you with our urgent plea for help…

Can you donate something today towards the care of BTRC dogs like Binnoo and Harriette and Padza?

Five dollars or $10; $50 or $100. Everything counts. Everything will help BTRC dogs.

We need your help to raise at least $5,000 to cover all these costs we know are coming our way very soon as well as the costs we don’t know about. You can click here to donate online or you can send an etransfer to treasurer@bostonterrierrescuecanada.com (please use BTRC for your password).

Thank you for your past support and thank you in advance for your compassion and generosity today. Your kindness will ensure Binnoo, Harriette and Padza and all of these other beautiful souls do more than just survive, but thrive!