Rocking her rust patterned kerchief, joyful Jinny fairly rocks with life! Percolating with puppy like enthusiasm and energy, she LOVES swimming and hiking and playing fetch.

Then, to balance out all that activity, she switches gears, morphing into Miss Relaxation, a lady who LOVES rolling over for belly rubs and lavishing her foster mom with kisses.

In fact, there’s no place Jinny would rather be than by her foster mom’s side, even snuggling under the covers beside her to sleep at night. She also loves meeting new people, and is learning to jump up on them less, and while she does love her walks, walking well on a leash, she needs the occasional reminder to “heel”.

Given her sweet but strong willed personality, she’s best suited as the only dog in an active and affectionate home with experienced adopters or those who know the Boston breed best.