A new life for little Chloe!

Your generosity guaranteed a new life for little Chloe…

Earlier this summer, Boston Terrier Rescue Canada (BTRC) was approached by the Montreal SPCA to take two Boston Terriers into our care.

Because of you, we said yes to Chloe and Charly. You made it possible for both dogs to come into our foster care and then find their forever homes.

Even when they came into BTRC’s care, things were still scary and challenging.

During her initial vetting, she was treated for coccidia (diarrhea) and an ear infection. A few days later, Chloe was rushed to an emergency vet.

We didn’t know if she would survive.

After a few days in the hospital with IV fluids, medications, and 24-hour care, she was well enough to move into her foster to adopt home. She was on a strict diet and many different kinds of medications.

Chloe lived because of you and the community of generous people who have donated to BTRC.

While still in foster care, the vet discovered she had periodontal disease and her teeth were turned the wrong way. The periodontal disease was an immediate threat to her health so with your donations we were able to ensure the necessary dental work to keep her healthy was completed.

In the end, Chloe’s vet bills totalled $5,400. It is an enormous bill, but you made it possible.

Your kindness and compassion allowed Chloe to heal and guarantee her a home filled with love.

Without your donation none of this would have been possible.

Unfortunately, Chloe isn’t the only expensive dog you have helped this past year.

With 32 dogs in our care over this past year, BTRC spent $90,000 on vet bills.

We are now coming to you to ask for help to raise $15,000 before the end of the year. This will allow BTRC to start the new year off in the position to continue our mission. A mission to provide temporary refuge leading to loving homes for Boston Terriers who have found themselves all alone.

With your donation, you guarantee this mission is possible. The impact of your generosity is incredible.

Please don’t delay. There are Boston Terriers who need your help now.

AND UNTIL DECEMBER 22nd, every gift that comes in will be matched up to a total of $1,000!!!

Please make your gift today. Every gift will make a difference—we can’t help these beautiful dogs without you. Consider donating to our Lisa’s Holiday Giving Tree!

Thank you.
PS –  Every gift received by midnight on December 31 will receive a 2018 charitable tax receipt for your donation.