Binoo was adopted on September 2nd, 2018!

Rocking her red harness, beguiling Binoo, with her Holstein-like markings, is sweetness paws-onified.

Still new to freedom, this former breeding mama is now savouring the cool grass beneath her paws, the warmth of a clean bed and the taste of nutritious food.

Laid back and loving, she’s the consummate cuddle bug, “molding” herself into her foster mom for the affection she craves. She gets along well with other dogs and quiet, respectful children, loves daily walks, car rides, and, yes, even baths.

Never having learned any basic commands, she’s learning them daily, and happily comes when called, and while she may not play with toys, she thoroughly enjoys her peanut butter-filled Kong.

Despite the removal of her right eye due to a detached retina, her left eye remains sound, and simply requires daily drops.

Fully crate trained, sleeping in it calmly at night, she’s adept at pottying outdoors with only the occasional accident inside. Now what this sweetest of seniors needs is the love of a tranquil home and a welcoming lap to warm and protect her fur-ever.