ADOPTED: Achilles

Achilles was adopted August 26, 2018!

How do you spell happy? A-c-h-i-l-l-e-s.

With his wider than wide and welcoming grin, he’s the sweetest of little clowns, eager to live and to love.

Still new to the concept of playing, very much wanting to but not quite sure how, he’s now following the lead of the large and more sociable dogs he’s met.

Most comfortable when introduced slowly to new surroundings and new people, he gravitates towards women and is somewhat timid at first around men.

Diligently at work on his manners and recall, he’s progressing well but is still very much a doggy work in progress.

For amiable Achilles to blossom and bloom, he requires a patient home without small children committed to introducing him slowly to his new environment and steadfastly continuing his training – hopefully with a calm, well-socialized dog to act as his mentor and playmate.