Let Mack make your day!

Ever so sweet and always affectionate, he loves cuddling and playing with the adults in his foster home and, due to the continuity provided by a regular routine, he’s been flourishing.

Food motivated and energetic, muscular and strong, he thrives on several brisk walks daily, and being naturally curious about all that he sees and smells, he’s best walked firmly on a leash.

Curious as well about what lies beyond any opened door, he’s best watched carefully to keep him from escaping.

Although Mack gets along with older, respectful dogs, he avoids younger, rambunctious pups, just as he prefers the company of calm and quiet people to loud and boisterous ones.

Crate and housetrained, he can remain on his own without issue — provided food isn’t left within reach — and while he’s made great strides in a brief time to overcome his nervousness in new situations, he’ll benefit from a “refresher course” in confidence building. For this reason, Mack’s ideal home is a tranquil, patient and loving one without children or with those over 13, to continue his training and ease his residual fears while keeping him mentally stimulated and physically satisfied fur-ever.