Tarzan was adopted on September 23rd, 2018!

Age is only a number to this sprightly senior who still thinks of himself as a puppy.

Easygoing and happy-go-lucky once he’s comfortable with you, Tarzan makes the most loyal and loving companion, one who thrives on attention, even rubbing up against his foster mom like a cat, rolling over for belly rubs, and cuddling up close to her as often as paws-ible.

Brimming with energy, he takes full advantage of the backyard where he plays, jumps and runs, and when on the walks he loves, he may pull at the start before calming down and following his foster mom’s lead.

He’s mastered the art of going up and down the stairs, adores riding in the car, and although he enjoys playing ball, he’s still new to the concept of fetch.

He gets along with small to medium dogs, but needs more time to adjust to larger ones, and while he loves his two foster brothers now, it was a relationship that slowly evolved – just as it does with strangers, whether adults or children. Ultimately, patience and time are the key to winning wary Tarzan’s trust.

Despite having only four teeth, he has a hearty appetite and sits politely for his twice-daily meals, and while he’ll enter his crate when prompted, he much prefers his doggy bed.

Now what Tarzan needs to truly flourish is a home with a large backyard or an active, firm but gentle pack leader committed to earning his confidence and continuing his socialization in exchange for his fur-ever loyalty and love.