Marvelous Molly may be 7 years old, but she’s blessed with the spirit of a puppy! Having entered her foster home fearful and anxious, time and patient nurturing have released her inner sweetness and gentleness, and she’s flourishing.

Curious, playful and eager to please, she not only loves rides in cars, on buses and on subways, she especially loves walks on the streets. Far from the hustle and bustle of parks filled with people and strange dogs, she enjoys following her nose and exploring at will and would love to chase squirrels if she could!

While she hasn’t met a cat, she’s gentle with children and comfortable around small dogs, but what makes her most content is a committed, one-on-one relationship with a kind and attentive person. Loving goes a long way with this lovable lady and she happily reciprocates with plenty of warm, doggy kisses. A dedicated “bed hog” and committed “treat fiend” (a sensitive tummy means dog food as treats), she’s easy to teach and to work with. And whenever she feels overwhelmed in a new situation or startled by loud voices, picking her up and holding her close quickly settles and calms her.

Due to a heart condition, Molly requires and is doing well on daily medication that she must take for the rest of her life. And for her to continue the progress she’s made, she’s best suited to a tranquil home with gentle and attentive adopters (only older, respectful children and only small dogs, paw-lease) with whom she can form a loving, fur-ever bond.