Molly was adopted on October 3rd, 2018!

With one blue eye and one brown, Molly turns heads wherever she goes. Although initially shy with new people, once comfortable in their presence, she showers them with happy kisses and hugs.

Both intelligent and exuberant, she loves engaging with her foster mom, is passionate about chasing (durable) toys and balls, and responds promptly to “drop it”. She also loves riding in cars, jogging and running free in the yard, rolling in freshly cut grass and lying in the sun on her dog bed.

Avid about affection, Molly considers couch time with her fosters a must – often initiating it with some squeaky noises and ear wiggles – where she luxuriates in belly and ear rubs. Then, at night, she races upstairs and runs “zoomies” round their bed until one of them picks her up. Once she’s settled at the end of the bed, she burrows under her own blanket and sleeps soundlessly until morning.

Fully crate and housetrained, she’s still at work on her leash manners, although she does respond well to “back” when she pulls too hard during her walks. Now for Molly to truly thrive, she’s best suited to an active and affectionate home committed to completing both her leash training and her doggy education and to keeping her mentally stimulated and physically satisfied fur-ever.