Adopted July 6, 2016

Delicately curled ears and strategically placed patches of brown accent this Boston’s unique beauty. Meet Roscoe, rowdy, rambunctious Roscoe.

Brimming with puppy like energy and personality, he gives new meaning to the word “active”. Fun loving and friendly when frisking with other dogs, he also loves playing fetch with his ball and his bone. Very much the cuddle bug, there’s nothing he loves more than snuggling with his foster mom, except perhaps having his chest scratched while he drifts off to sleep. In fact, he’s so relaxed in the car that he falls asleep there as well.

A vocal dog, he will bark when he’s hungry, when he wants to play, and when he wants to go outside. An excitable dog, he has yet to learn moderation, and is currently working on several issues at once.

Although he loves his walks, he pulls on his leash (a harness now helps him relax) in an effort to greet every person and dog he sees. And although he loves games and loves when visitors come by, he tends to nip as his way of expressing how happy he is until his foster mom corrects and calms him.

Because he is bright and young enough to be taught all he was never taught before, what Roscoe needs now is a firm, but patient and experienced owner, committed to providing him with obedience classes together with ongoing and consistent training.

His new family should also be active and energetic (no children or cats, please) and able to give this lovable lad the attention he needs to mature into the best behaved of caring canine companions.