Featured Volunteer – Janet Morden

Janet Morden – Niagara Falls, Ontario

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BTRC: How long have you volunteered with Boston Terrier Rescue Canada?
Janet: I’d say it has been a year and half now since I have volunteered with BTRC.

BTRC: What made you want to be a BTRC volunteer?
Janet: Patti Auld Johnson suggested I become a BTRC volunteer because she saw I did a lot of Facebook sharing of posts regarding Boston Terriers who are ready to be adopted; got involved with a lot of contest voting and posting on my wall for my friends to help out with votes; bought bandanas in support of BTRC, and few others. I didn’t know how to go about being a volunteer but she assured me what I was doing was clearly volunteering. This gave me the push to go ahead and become a BTRC volunteer, which I am thrilled to be.

BTRC: Why Boston Terriers?
Janet: Boston Terriers have always been in our family, dating back to my great-grandmother. It was my aunt’s Boston Terrier that got me loving the breed so much when I was a little girl, staying overnight at her home. My parents have owned 4 Boston Terriers, including BTRC Alum Tessi, previously known as Texas. Immediate family members have also owned Boston Terriers. Boston Terriers are such gentle, loving, smart and friendly souls. I also love how they snort, toot, give you head tilts and slobbery kisses. They’re simply the best!

BTRC: How many pets do you own, or should I say own you?
Janet: I have 2 male Boston Terriers, Darcy and Toby. Darcy is going on 7 years old and Toby is 3. I also have 2 tabby cats, True and Free. They are 2 year old sisters that were rescued from a home in Maryland. The owner was about to be evicted from her home if they were not placed immediately due to pet allowances in the unit. I have 3 grandpets whom I adore: Max – a BT, Hugo – a Jug (Jack Russell and Pug X) and little Eve – the black and white cat. All of them are the loves of my life, aside from my family.

BTRC: When you’re not volunteering, how do you like to spend your time?
Janet: I love to spend time with my family. They’re my world. I also love to play softball in the summer. Geocaching has become a favourite of mine these days. It’s like scavenger hunt. I’d be required to go out in the city, hit the trails or parks to find containers that contained a log sheet to sign in. It’s the adrenaline of going out and finding it. Another one would be to make and bake goodies.

BTRC: Favourite vacation spot?
Janet: I like to go camping in the summer. But my dream vacation is to travel to Europe and visit historic sites.

BTRC: What did you want to be when you “grew up”?
Janet: I always wanted to be a social worker. I have been told I am great with dealing with people growing up. Today, I am a literacy instructor with deaf adults – a job that I love so much.

BTRC: Socks and sandals?
Janet: I love my socks in the winter. I am barely without them, even when I go to sleep. And especially when I am geocaching. Flip flops are a must in the summer. I own quite a collection of flip flops.

BTRC: Summer or winter?
Janet: Everyone that knows me well, knows that I love winter. I love snow, snowmen, snowflakes, gingerbread and Christmas decorations. I swear I’d die if there was no Christmas. I think I have an obsession with Christmas. I need an intervention! Not!

BTRC: What is the craziest thing your Boston has done?
Janet: Because I am such a worrywart, I’ve always made sure my boys don’t do anything crazy. I guess I am the overprotective Mom.

BTRC: Is your Boston Terrier knick-knack collection: mild, moderate, or requiring an intervention?
Janet: As you can see my above comment about Christmas… I have a Christmas tree with only Boston Terrier ornaments, knick-knacks and anything I could find that is BT related. I just started on my collections of cats as well. Another one would be magnets, and t-shirts. I don’t think we need an intervention for things we love so much. Smile!

BTRC: Is there any sort of event or fundraising idea that you would like to see BTRC do?
Janet: I’d love to see some car washes as they often bring a lot of fundraising money. We can bring our Bostons along and have them mingle around while we bring awareness to rescue as well.

How about potluck Christmas parties across Canada for all of the board members and volunteers? We could even have a live video conference so we all can see each other and chat!

It seems cupcakes are popular for fundraising so perhaps some more bake sales at events.