Funds and Foster Homes Paw-lease!

The three R’s in OUR world are Rescue, Rehabilitate and Re-home. And while the actual costs of remaining true to our mission are high, rescuing, rehabilitating and
re-homing just ONE dog is priceless.

While some of the dogs we rescue require minimal training and medical attention, others require more training and more medical attention, but all of them are placed in experienced, available foster homes. Occasionally, however, dogs come to us from shelters, hoarding situations and puppy mills, abused, ill or untrained, or a combination of all three. These dogs require months of specialized attention, and few available foster homes are adequately equipped to take on such a challenge.

True to our mission, we believe these dogs, no matter how difficult, not only deserve to be rehabilitated, but deserve to ultimately live happy, fulfilling lives as cherished members of loving, adoptive homes.


One such dog is Pumba (formerly Damien), a 3-year-old Boston terrier/Mastiff cross. Pulled from a shelter, his past unknown, he was untrained and unsocialized, and yet he was LOVING. His hunger for love and for human attention tugged at our heartstrings, and we pledged to do whatever it took to polish this diamond in the rough to doggy perfection.

With no experienced, dedicated foster homes available, we brought him to The Canine Habitat in Perth, ON, where he began a regime of intensive training. Now, a few months later, Pumba is a dog reborn, thanks to their expert care, guidance, and one-on-one attention. With a skill set he’s nearly mastered, and as loving as ever, he is ready to find his fur-ever home, one committed to continuing his training.

Dogs like Pumba highlight our two most urgent needs. One: ongoing donations to help us pay for such highly-specialized care ($5,000 to date and counting); and Two: more highly experienced and dedicated foster homes to care for other Pumbas until they are placed in permanent, adoptive homes.

Please consider making a donation to Pumba’s fund in Celebration of Canada 150, here at his donation page.