ADOPTED: Winston

Adopted November 18, 2016


What adds to Winston’s winsome looks? His wintry white face topped by one black ear and one white one.

Calm and quiet in demeanor, barking solely to get his family’s attention, he’s extremely playful and particularly loves playing fetch and chomping on chew toys.

To keep him mentally stimulated and physically satisfied, his foster mom takes him for three long walks a day. And despite being hearing impaired, his brightness allows him to be easily corrected and to follow such hand signals as “come”, “no”, “all gone”, “drop” (the ball), and “shh” (when he barks).

Ever friendly Winston does well with the resident cat, prefers the company of the resident female Boston to that of the male, while remaining slightly possessive of his people.

Housetrained to use a doggy door, his crate training has improved, although he still whines when left in there too long. The ideal home for Winston will be calm, with a securely fenced backyard, with patient adopters (no children or older, calm and respectful ones) willing to allow him the time he needs to adjust to his new world, and where he is, perhaps, the only animal in their loving limelight.