Adopted: Milly

Adopted December 19, 2017


Mix a bouncy Boston terrier with an amazing American Eskimo and you have merry and mischievous Milly.

Seldom seen without a happily wagging tail, this bright bundle of joy is her foster mom’s loyal companion, always affectionate and eager to please. She LOVES cuddling with her foster mom on the couch and on the bed, and burrowing under blankets – as all Bostons do.

She likes being close to the resident cat, loves playing with and nibbling on her stuffed toys and nylon bones, and although she enjoys playing fetch, she truly excels at catching mini milk bones in mid-air. Her varied vocabulary of commands includes “sit”, “lie down”, “shake a paw”, “roll over”, “tummy tums”, “fetch” and “catch”, and remarkably, one of her favourite pastimes is being bathed, often hopping into the tub of her accord!

Best kept close on her walks (she walks well on her leash and harness despite some initial pulling), she’s happiest at the park, where she gamely follows every scent and gaily rolls around on her back. And while she easily approaches playful and submissive dogs, she studiously avoids large and boisterous ones. She’s much the same with people, leery of loud strangers and most comfortable with soft spoken ones with calm dispositions.

Now as she seeks a fur-ever home, this marvelous miss is best suited to a tranquil one with a predictable routine, a large, fenced yard, adopters committed to walking her several times a day, and no small children, paw-lease.